Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's go shopping at the Asian Garden Mall!!

We are now going to visit the largest Vietnamese owned and operated mall in the United States, right here on Bolsa Avenue (#9200), in Westminster. It is so huge and so attractive, it has its own website. You can't help but be drawn to it, because it looks so inviting from the outside, its glass facade permitting you to see two floors of activity. There is no problem parking, at least on that particular day of the week, and they had a marvelous idea, in that they installed shaded seating outside the mall for people to rest and socialize.

 If you live in the area, you can go to their night markets. Though I have not been to one of them, I know the allure of night markets from having been to one in Chang Mai, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam. You can check dates and events on their Facebook page.The photos shown of the last night market look pretty lively.

First, this is a great place to escape the heat. It is air conditioned, spacious and super clean. You can probably spend half a day just browsing the two floors. As you cans see in the above photo, there are all things Asian plus clothing stores, toy stores, accessories, shoe stores, baby clothes and related items, Asian lanterns and statuettes, incense, false nails...oh yes, see this flat screen TV describing the nail painting procedures:

You can see behind the screens all sorts of little figurines and plastic toys for sale. The clothing stores, by the way, are tailored to the Asian figure. Which I don't have since I am Mediterranean. I was looking for an airy top to wear due to the extreme heat, but never did find it until I returned to New York..They had beautiful Chinese cherry-wood chairs, but I don't think they were for sale. Also, as customary, near the entrance, is an area for burning incense and prayer to the image of Buddha.

People were eating. And there is quite a selection in this Cho's food court.  This is what you see from the second floor:

And on ground level:

I was happy to see that Lee's Sandwiches had a branch here, as their food is so fresh and delicious. Next time, if there is one, we'll come hungry.
I took a photo of a striking piece of sculpture, though I couldn't tell its material. Perhaps you'll know and tell me:
It could be jade, as I have seen extraordinary jade sculptures in our own Chinatown right here in New York, but I wasn't sure. It may have been sandstone.

And this is the top floor as seen from the ground floor..the lanterns are a must. So is the color red.

And for those who crave jewelry (I only like costume jewelry, and colors...colors...colors..) I found this video that shows the bling part of the mall.

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