Friday, February 26, 2010

First day at the Show: trade only

The Show gets bigger and better every year

Simone Bassous, Director of NYPATA

Aurora is the only Vietnam Tour Operator at the Show!!!
Let's talk about getting you to Vietnam, your way, your choice
Have we got cruises for you!! Just ask
Impossible to resist when it's on screen and as big as life
Many people told me they had never been in the Mekong Region
I'll be waiting for you at Booth # 350
I know this is not Vietnam, but it was so pretty to look at

I am really looking forward to meeting all the members of the NYPATA

At 5PM, Brazil hosted the trade reception by making their national drink, capirinhas. And then some wonderful food was served alongside, for which I am eternally grateful, since I don't drink. The Brie cheese slid down rather easily! The show officially closed at 5:30PM, and the snow continued to fall. I headed for the hotel, and looked forward to putting up my feet! Tomorrow, we open the show at 10:00am and run through 6:00PM. Don't miss us.

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