Saturday, February 27, 2010

The second day at the NY Times Travel Show

 This was one of the heaviest snow storms
in New York in many years
The snow finally stopped falling this morning, and quite a few brave souls made it to the Jacob Javits Center. By mid-afternoon, the exhibition hall was jumping with music from all over the world, and at times, there were so many simultaneous melodies that it began to sound like a cacophony. Taylor Holliday and I manned the PATA booth, however, most of the folks who stopped in to see us were already members. 

 Taylor and I at the PATA Booth

It was a great day for networking with travel partners; photography trips, culinary trips, cruises, culture trips, and everyone wants to go to Vietnam before it becomes too touristy. We will be offering the Vietnam tours in Spanish to a New York based agent, so stay tuned for the details.

 music filled the hall
 South Africa took the stage here
 Turkey was kicking up a storm

If you were a traveler, you certainly got your money's worth at this show! Dancing from four corners of the globe: I caught the end of a Sri Lankan dancing to the tune of "we are the world", except they were saying "we are Sri Lanka". I did stop for a few minutes to watch native Turks. And some were gracious enough to just pose for me as you will see in the below pictures.

 She did this just for me (from Panama)
 Caribbean dance troupe got up from the
floor so I could take their picture
 Cooking class in progress
 Boys from Greece

The  Caribbean area was offering a cooking lesson with a Puerto Rican chef who was making arroz con pollo. Imagine how cool it would be to get a Vietnamese chef to teach us all how to make nem rolls? There is always next year.

 a fabulous sand sculpture in progress
 Yes, live baby penguins!!
the interior of a cruise ship cabin

If you are attending tomorrow, you can still go to Booth # 350 which is the PATA booth and pick up sample tours to Indochina. I left them there for you as I will not be there. The weather will also be much nicer than today, with sunshine and in the mid 40's. My email, phone number and name are on every brochure. I am based in New York.

 and it's Aurora Travel for your every whim in Indochina and Thailand

Enjoy the show and see you next year!

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