Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting the coffee capital

Mention Buon Ma Thuot and people think about a territory filled with coffee trees, a land of sun and wind and friendly people. About 350 kilometers from HCMC . . .

Also in the downtown area, tourists can contemplate the seasoned Konia, a sacred tree associated with spiritual meaning for local ethnic people. For them, the giant Konia is home to dead souls, so they never cut them down but let them live freely and enjoy the protection of their shade. The tree is mentioned in a famous song called “Bong cay Konia” (Konia Tree Shade).

Buon Ma Thuot is also the biggest tourism center in Daklak Province connecting important tourist sites such as Ban Don Tribe, Lak Lake and Dray Sap Waterfall. Strolling around the city, tourists can learn about the customs and cultural features of ethnic groups at places such as Ako Dhong Village. The village is proud of having preserved the traditions of many generations of Ede people and is ideal for learning about ethnic cultures. learn more>>

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