Monday, March 22, 2010

Press Club celebrates Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary with superb new menu

Hanoi’s legendary Press Club is paying its own tribute to the city’s 1000th anniversary with an exciting new food promotion of national specialties and local ingredients.

The celebratory menu is a testament to the enduring popularity of Vietnamese food, and honors Hanoi’s reputation as one of the country’s best cities for eating – one where locals put their own special twist on just about everything.

The menu was devised by one of Vietnam’s most renowned, Western interpreters of Vietnamese cuisine, Marcel Isaak, who authored an authoritative 1997 book, Foods of Vietnam. Featured in the new menu will be the Press Club’s takes on famous Hanoi dishes like cha ca, marinated grilled fish with herbs and rice noodles. Local ingredients play the lead role in this culinary performance: prawns are cooked with Hanoi Beer, the sautéed green vegetables are grown nearby, and even the lotus tea is named after Hanoi’s famous West Lake.

“This anniversary is a landmark event for Hanoi and for Vietnam,” said Kurt Walter, the Press Club’s general manager. “We wanted to take this chance to pay homage to the incredible cuisine of the country, with special emphasis on the local favorites that have made Hanoi’s reputation as a town for foodies.”

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