Monday, May 24, 2010

Asian Dumplings on the Fly: How to Create Your Own Fillings

via Viet World Kitchen by Andrea Nguyen

If you've worked your way through a few recipes in the Asian Dumplings cookbook, you may want to break out on your own. You have a lot of dumpling leeway in the filling, which are mostly interchangeable in the cookbook recipe chapters. Read the recipe introductions and think of a mix-and-match ensemble wardrobe. (How many ways can you wear a business suit?) Once you understand the foundational filling flavor profile and texture, try winging one.

Below are few pointers on how I did that today. My fridge was overloaded with odds and ends of ingredients that I had prepped, cooked, or over purchased. There was leftover grilled steak, a partial bunch of bok choi, finely chopped wood ear mushroom from recipe development, and too much scallion, which I bought on impulse at our farmer's market yesterday. Key size, moisture, and ingredients.continued>>

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