Sunday, May 16, 2010

Original flavor of Haiphong sea-crab spring roll

Fried nem, which is also known as spring roll, has long been considered one of the symbols of Vietnamese cuisine. That’s why it appears in all the three regions of Vietnam with a little difference in spice and shape. Among them, Haiphong City’s sea-crab spring roll leaves something special in gourmets’ souls for its sweet and buttery taste.

Traditional nem is usually in a small cylinder shape. However, the sea-crab spring roll made in Haiphong City is in a large square shape nearly equal to a person’s palm. That’s why people have to spend so much time and go through meticulous stages to make it with a solid cover but crispy after being fried. Another special feature of this nem is its stuffing of sea-crab and extra materials, not traditional pork or shrimp. more>>

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