Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ha Tinh farmer unearths a giant ancient coin

LookAtVietnam - Tran Van Hoc, a farmer in Hong Linh town, which is located in the central province of Ha Tinh, picked up a giant ancient coin while he was working in the field.

The coins of time

Researchers said that this coin is from the Le Dynasty (1740-1786). The bronze coin is much bigger than normal coins. Its diameter is 12cm and it weighs 30gr. There is a square-shaped hole in the centre.

There are four Chinese scripts on one side, meaning "Canh Hung coin", and eight Chinese scripts on the other side, meaning "stability inside, peace outside, wealthy country and powerful army".

According to historians, this coin was not for circulation but was a symbolic coin. The Le Dynasty presented this coin to men who greatly contributed to the country.

The coin is still kept by Hoc.

Quang Cuong

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Ricky White said...

Not sure if my previous message was posted so apologies for extra messages! My family has a coin similar to the 'giant ancient coin' in this article but we are struggling to find it's provenance. It has four chinese characters on one side and the chinese characters wind and hero with a picture of a horse on the other. We have found numerous smaller bronze coins and any information or if you could point us in the direction of any information that would be appreciated.