Thursday, April 1, 2010

Northern culture fest to highlight folk traditions

The Bac Ninh Province People’s Committee March 31 announced an upcoming festival from April 14-18 titled “Bac Ninh Literature – Gather and Shine.”

Quan ho performances, a unique tradition of Bac Ninh Province, will be officially recognized as “World intangible heritage” by UNESCO on April 17 during the “Bac Ninh Literature – Gather and Shine” festival Addressing the press at Kinh Bac Cultural Center, event organizers said the festival will feature several activities related to art, culture, music and sport.

In addition, there will be a relics exhibition and folk music singing contest along with local art displays including Dong Ho paintings, Phu Lang terracotta, Dai Bai bronze works, Dong Ky woodworks, and time-honored Quan ho performances. more>>

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