Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photographers show their love via black-and-white photos

Members of Hai Au club for female photographers will introduce black-and-white pictures about Vietnam’s people, landscape and specialties at the Da Lat Cadasa Resort in Da Lat from April 2 to May 2.

Drawing up a net by Nguyen Thi Sin.
Established in 1990, Hai Au club has chosen 65 pictures for the upcoming exhibition to celebrate Da Lat Liberation Day (3.4/1975) and the country’s union (30/4/1975).
Hai Au is the first photography club for women in Vietnam. With 15 members who share a passion for photography, the club has organized many exhibitions and won over 100 international awards and many local prizes. The club also contributes to Vietnam’s photography circles with outstanding talents like Dao Hoa Nu, An Dung and Hong Nga.
The club will bring around 100 photos to an exhibition in Hanoi in late August to celebrate the city’s 1000th anniversary.
Some photos by Hai Au Club:
Saying goodbye on Hoai River by An Dung.
Thay pagoda by Dao Hoa Nu.
Hue’s boat by Dao Hoa Nu.
Hong Nga’s Hanoi in Spring.
Bac Ninh love duets by Hong Nga.
Dao do girl by Hong Nga.
Brushing hair by Kim Lan.
Peaceful by Phan Thi Thu.
White night by Thi Tho.
Rain in ancient street by Tuyet Mai.
Stork condition by Dao Hoa Nu.
In early fog by Dao Hoa Nu.
Clean water by Kim Phuong
Driving ducks by Nguyen Thi Sin.
Religious practicing by Pham Thi Thu.
Baking rice cake by Thanh Son.
Making rice cake by Thanh Son.
Kid pleasure by Thi Tho.
About to go to market by Tuyet Mai.
Leaving school by Xuan Hong.

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